Televīzija bez reklāmas ! Kultūra, sports un bizness Latvijā

Mūsu saturs nav ideāls, bet tas nevienu nepazemo ar reklāmu ! arhīva abonēšanas cena ir 1 eur mēnesī. Lai kopētu (download) video, rakstiet [email protected]

E-pasts: [email protected]

Studija: Līduma 26 ,Rīga

TV programmas

[email protected]

Televīzijas tehnika.

-pasākumus filmē 1-10 televīzijas kameru komplekti,
-veicam video ierakstus un foto. Paraugi ir Fokuss TV video-foto saturs
-raidam internetā (, YouTube, Facebook u.c.)
Bāzes pakalpojums
Pasākuma tiešraide un montāža.
videokamera ar 1 operatoru 100 EUR Tiešraide + montāža
2-4 videokameras un operatori 200-400 EUR Tiešraide+ montāža
video pults un atkārtojumi 100 EUR Tiešraide

FOCUSS Platform

Advertising is not an evil scare, but one gets angry when someone throws sand into their eyes. To insert advertising into the content, is quite a regular television business. Television is struggling for high ratings in order to sell more advertising. The more sold ads mean the more humiliated viewers, but the more money is received. You are a king or a pauper, I’ll post an ad for you! That is the soul of this business.
FOCUSS Platform is a special one. You will not be humiliated! We have come to watch, to think and to study. FOCUS could also be earning money with selling advertising banners and blocks, but we have chosen to stay honest and not to swindle. Our content is not perfect yet, but it does not humiliate anyone! People here are free. They have a choice what to do. It is not our business to have advertising. We have worked hard to keep our content clean. We fulfill our mission for free people and leave to others what they desire.
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